Unmasking the American Dream

Unmasking The American Dream ~ Oct. 2017

It is absurdly obvious that it is time to face, unmask, and heal the shadow aspects of the American collective psyche: the subconscious and unconscious programming and conditioning we have all been subject to, that persists until it is valiantly unmasked, and felt and seen clearly – face to face, eye to eye. It is one thing to point fingers, and many do this very eloquently, at the current President and his weird and whacky administration. Yet, the extreme way these exemplars of the American Shadow are ‘in our face’ every day is the grand opportunity for each and all of us to take responsibility for these shadow aspects: the materialist, the bully, the ignorant, the uncaring, the greedy, the irresponsible, the blamer, the victim, the hater, the intolerant, the self-absorbed and clueless, the racist, the misogynist archetypal aspects within our collective American consciousness.

We can each do our part in some way to move America through this seemingly absurd crisis of consciousness. Those of us who experience ourselves as living in the light; who identify with honesty, compassion, and enlightened action for the good of the whole, can still take responsibility for the perhaps small threads of conditioning, that may be even minimally operative within us, that are still attached to this collective shadow. We are being called by the cosmos itself to do something about it beyond just pointing fingers, or describing it, or feeling a deep sense of despair about it showing itself so blatantly and grotesquely in this past year or two.

The shadow aspects of our subconscious will haunt our lives personally and collectively until we can courageously face them, acknowledge them, release them, and choose again – choose to create what our true nature desires. “The American Dream” is a fine description for the American Shadow as it is a highly conditioned belief system that has been relentlessly programmed in to the subconscious of all of us who have grown up in this culture. And it has brought us, and our planet, to the brink of destruction and a vast inner emptiness. None of us will ever be fed by big houses, sexy cars or many pairs of shoes. A caveat here! This destruction and emptiness is not reality, but only a very small bandwidth of reality that has been inscribed in to the lower levels of consciousness through false programming.

Origins of the Collective American Shadow

The shadow aspects of the collective American psyche began with the first waves of settlers killing indigenous peoples, claiming/stealing their land (which the indigenous people did not see themselves as ‘owning”), and then selling this land. Today, real estate development continues to demean the beautiful landscapes and suck the money out of people. We buy and sell land and residences with a passion! It is Ours! We ‘own’ it: our piece of the American Dream, dammit!

The American shadow also began with religious groups who fervently believed that they were born evil and that they must deny themselves all kinds of things to prove to God that they were pure and good and ‘worthy of heaven’, all the while believing deep inside themselves that were not worthy, or that they alone were worthy and no one else with different beliefs was as ‘righteous’ as they. Women were property. Slaves were animals. Children were not to be heard.

The American Shadow began with guns, death, capitalism, and self-righteousness: the same as the gross play of the America Shadow today; where wars are begun and perpetuated, where guns are freely available, marketed and made sexy and powerful, and used freely and often – for profit. Purely for profit. Where the American Way is the only right way and must be spread around the world: a TV in every home!

The TV has been the great programmer of the American consciousness. It is a tool that is used to sell everything under the sun; to instill subconscious attitudes of self-deprecation and deprecation of others; to normalize violence, guns, death, and righteousness; and to flood the subconscious with an insidious lack of respect for women through what has at this late stage become enormous amounts of twisted porno/violence televised 24/7. Thus, the epidemics in American of alcohol, drug, sex , gambling, shopping, and TV/movie/media addiction; and the grotesque and highly profitable use of dangerous pharmaceuticals to ‘treat’ the massive amount of depression, anxiety, hyper-active disorders, and general sense of malaise, emptiness and ennui.

How has this happened? While people became distracted by the myriad messages to buy everything and anything, and began to live life vicariously through little pixels on a screen rather than actually living their life and talking to their neighbors, it was easy for certain elements in America to make the choices “behind our backs” purely for profit. Choices to build cars and roads rather than public transportation and strong, loving communities; to manufacture and sell guns, missiles, chemical, biological, and nuclear tools of death and planetary destruction; to control nature for profit while gluttonously marketing fake food that not only has no nutrition but is an agent of death and disease; and even claiming patents on the seeds of Mother Earth, creating laws and fines for those who do collect the seeds from their food plants and cornering the market for dangerous pesticides and insecticides that kill everything their air-born poisons reach – and it is a long reach. Many in suburban America use these poisons on our lawns at our homes, weekly! We have been pervasively and perpetually duped, conditioned and programmed by marketing and repetition.

The media industry is simply a tool to sell and to program peoples’ subconscious while distracting them and making them feel unworthy and out of control. All of this creates deep feelings of rage, emptiness, depression, and anxiety in much of the American population and makes them easy to subdue, control, and numb while simultaneously fanning the flames of hatred, disrespect, and insatiable greed. The media makes it seem like the streets, the country, and other countries are full of lots of bad guys and that it is the American mission to wipe them all from the face of the planet, or incarcerate them in for-profit American prisons. Thus, can the military-industrial complex keep doing what it always does: create, sell and use endless weapons of destruction.

Transmuting the American Shadow

 We are not our programming; the programming we have been conditioned to and subjected to. We are so much more: more than we can imagine at this stage. We are consciousness itself: eternal consciousness taking many forms, creating and re-creating forever. We are made of stardust and love and light. We are creator beings. As soon as we have the courage and heart to face all of this shadow material, we can choose to release it from our psyches. We then become empowered to choose again, to remember what is truly important to us, to act on those choices, to be that, to create the life we want to live consciously, from the heart, with love, intelligence and creativity. We must see it and ‘get it’ before we can release it. We must see our part in it and forgive ourselves for all the overt and covert harm that has been done: to us and to our world through the programming that has been conditioned in to us for generations what we were not quite aware of, but now are; which means we are empowered to choose and to create.

We Can Un-create ~ Nov. 2017

It is very powerful and liberating to take responsibility for everything in our lives: individually, collectively, and globally. Then, we can face anything we see or feel without fear, we can also face many things with pride and confidence, and we can change what we no longer choose to experience. When we take full responsibility, we can also be of service to humanity and to our beautiful planet. When we face the shadow aspects that at this time are becoming so glaringly obvious to everyone, we can take responsibility and do our part to shift our lives, our communities, our country, and our world. Everything that we see, feel and know is dysfunctional can be un-created by our word, our prayer, our command.

The shadow aspects are hidden in the darkened corners of our psyche. These are the true boogey-men. Most people spend much life energy suppressing the shadow programs with all our might. And thus, we have participated in them either unconsciously by default, or by compromising and going along with, in order to, we feel, survive in this world. One of the most common subconscious programs is that “life is a struggle”. All subconscious programs are centered around three basic themes: “Something is wrong with me”, “Something is wrong with him/her”, and “Something is wrong with the world”. American Dream shadow aspects include: “I am a victim of the powers that be. I can’t do or say anything that will disrupt the status quo. The status quo is the only safe place. I am afraid of change. I am afraid of the unknown.” Another common belief system that ‘plays us’ is: “If others approve of me then I am OK. I must be perfect or something bad will happen. If I allow others to see my vulnerability, they will know there is something broken or defective about me.” And one more, for now: “I am alone and abandoned here. I am not supported and I will never be supported, and I don’t know how to receive or accept support. If I accept help it proves that I am weak. I feel guilty and ashamed about receiving help. I am ashamed to ask for help”. These are shadow elements that affect our personal experience of life, and keep us tied in to a terrifying and very lonely self-centeredness, while the world and her people and creatures and flora and fauna is poisoned, polluted, and abused in so many ways by many things we have allowed to take hold. Once we can admit this, we can take action with our whole heart, our whole being.

We can command the un-creation of all that has been so obviously dysfunctional in America and the world. It has been an insidious and cumulatively accreting dysfunction. Poverty, want, need, despair, trying to make ends meet, the ennui and the stresses of wealth, the gross disparity, the struggle, the suffering, the holding on tightly, the fear of never having enough, of being left abandoned – alone and cold and hungry, the grind, the compromises, the withering of our joy and freedom. We claim and command to un-create all of this, and we claim and envision a new earth.

We can un-create weapons manufacturers and sellers; poisonous factories that make poisonous products and by-products; human waste, plastics and poisons littered and dumped from cruise ships, factories, nuclear power plants, oil and fracking and logging and mining operations in to our waters, air, and earth. The greed enflamed by capitalism in The American Dream shadow as allowed the poisoning our waters with chlorine and fluoride and the toxic wastes of pharmaceuticals, insecticides, pesticides, and hospital waste. This is extreme self-centeredness, ignorance and carelessness. We are overwhelmed with this carelessness because subconscious programs keep us scared, limited, and hiding rather than taking charge, shining our light and using our power. The shadow programs have made it difficult to truly love, honor, trust and respect ourselves. When we cannot truly honor and ‘stand for our self’ with the confidence of self-love and the knowing that we actually truly are OK: that we are in fact infinitely more than OK, we cannot respect our communities, our children, or Mother Earth and all her life. We now, as one heart and one voice, claim and command the truth of who we are and have always been: divine love and creative power in human form.

All this, and so much more. We can un-create the physical, emotional, mental, creative and spiritual neglect of children; the sexual abuse of children; the systems of child slavery and indenture and pedophilia. As one heart and one voice we now claim and command that every child is cherished and allowed freedom and support to be all that they are.

We can un-create war. With one unified heart, mind and soul we now claim and command peace throughout America and our precious world.

All of this and more we can courageously notice, feel the pain, say “enough”, “no more”. Rather than ignore, blame or point fingers, when we take full responsibility, we become empowered and standing in a place of strength and alignment with the planetary, universal and cosmic will; which is simply love. Love and freedom is the truth of the American spirit, the American heart. We can use our deep desires for peace and happiness, for a pure and clean planet, for the fulfillment of every person in this world by calling on and connecting with the divine matrix of love and wisdom to literally un-create all that is less than who we truly are and what we truly want here. We can claim and command the un-creation of everything that brings us great pain- in our own life and in the life of our country and our world. This is our creative birthright. This is who we are. We are love creating. Speak the word, straight from your heart, and It Is So.

The most potent and effective place to effect change is on the spiritual level of our being. Meditation, quiet, stillness, and time in nature are simple and immediately effective. Universal truths and inner peace arise within us naturally in relaxation and quiet time and in nature. All prayer from the heart is always answered. Inspiration arises. We envision what can be, what we really want. We learn to trust: to trust ourselves and the deepest visions of our heart, to allow them to unfold, and to participate in un-creating the tired old paradigms built on poisonous and self-destructive subconscious beliefs and to create the New Earth. The young children and babies on our planet right now are doing this naturally and lending huge energetic support for this shift in to a world of love, peace and creativity. Let us support their work by doing our part.