Dissolving Painful Beliefs Teleclass

This is a very powerful time for major transformation, and for recognizing and releasing all that you are NOT for the extraordinary shift in to All that you ARE!

We long to be ‘used by the divine’, to make use of our gifts and passions. In this process, we need to dissolve everything from the past that no longer serves our spiritual unfoldment. Enter in to Your Life of peace, security, trust, grace, ease and Joy! Let us Begin!

Dissolving Painful Beliefs and Feelings

Expanding Your Enlightenment

4 Week Healing Teleclass


These classes are also being offered individually – or for couples, friends, etc. who want to do it together  via Skype or a teleconference call. Please contact Jewels about setting up a schedule.

If you are experiencing self-judgment or judgment of others, unhappiness or lack of fulfillment, fears and anxiety of any kind, financial instability, loneliness or isolation, there are simple tools we will use to shift consciousness and open your heart to all that the divine cosmos wants to give you. It is about releasing Everything that is no longer for your highest good, and opening to your natural abilities of spiritual perception, creative joy, inner peace, and the bliss of divine love living and expressing through you.

You can begin the work with 2 more YouTubes, below.

In the 4 week class:

  • We will use a variety of creative and healing techniques to ‘take out the garbage’ that causes us discomfort, anxiety, and pain.
  • You will experience liberation from all that is no longer for your highest good and well-being, arriving at a state of inner peace and expanding joy.
  • You will feel like a new, lighter person, in a state of loving and honoring yourself. You will then bring this compassion to others, naturally.
  • We will release masks and defenses that have sheltered our sensitivity and vulnerability, while we make new choices to simply live, be, and express our authentic self, our true nature.
  • We will move light years ahead of the deep insecurity that there is something wrong with us, with others in our life, or with ‘the world’.
  • Participating in this healing class is a choice to love, forgive, and accept yourself unconditionally- all of you – from the darkest to the lightest aspects of all that you are and have ever been.

    “Great call! So dynamic and full of love!”  Bonnie P., MA

    “Thank you so much for sharing your brilliance with us! It changed my life!” L.H. MI

    ” My whole life attitude has changed in the past two months. In December, my involvement with Access Consciousness completely altered my reality. I am still very high from that experience of enlightening soul work.” Sue M.J.