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May 10 Lunar Eclipse, 2013

Give the gift of loving Mother Earth with all of your senses and feelings. The gorgeous blue of the sky and the green light of the trees, the energies here which work in tandem with us, gifting us with the highest vibration and most enthusiastic joy! Filling our spirits, filling our senses, filling our heart with love.
Walk around like the fool, like the Sufi poets, like the Ascended Masters you are – smiling at every single person with great love – streaming forth the love that you are in smiles and joy for everyone and everything – raising the rapture quotient of our world and all worlds – We Are One.

All of LIfe Comes to me with Ease, Joy, and Glory.

I Choose to fully experience my highest potential now.

These are tools you can use to lift your consciousness to your highest potential now, and to access all the many gifts of love, freedom and light that are pouring forth through you, your world, and all of creation at this moment.
Make a prayer to everything and anything. Call forth the powers of healing and perfect health, of riches, spiritual and material for all. Making a prayer for anything will magnify your spiritual perception and your gratitude will expand into pure joy and love.
Celebrate the accomplishments of your mission, of our mission together. We are all in this together, all throughout all worlds are uniting in unity consciousness and the victory of love and light, and this is growing exponentially with each passing day. Each of has freely chosen to Be All that You Are, to demonstrate mastery, to Be Love, to Love Life, to show the way to live and be in a brilliant, abundant, loving universe. Now, we go on to the next divine plan, which is resounding joy throughout creation, personally and intimately known by every soul. Freedom freely chosen by every soul. The free expression of love and enlightenment chosen by every soul.
Each of you continue to have more and more experiences of your own multidimensionality and the multidimensional universe you are living in; your personal connections with All That Is and every part of All That Is; and of your divinity, your divine consciousness, your Christ consciousness, while having this beautiful and versatile human vehicle to express love and enlightenment through.
There is no separation between your human, planetary, galactic, universal and cosmic Being. We say these words often, but what do they really mean operationally, experientially? There still seems to be part of ourselves who believe that God, our star families, the Ascended Masters and angels are “out there” somewhere. This is true, and it is simultaneously true that all these beings of light are right here, right now, within us. We are eternal creative beings and All aspects of creation are right here, in our genetics, in our experience, in our energy fields and our energy signature, in the greater Life that we are experiencing and expressing, more and more and more, every day and every night. All are part of your consciousness and part of your own multidimensional nature. We are you, and you are us. There is no separation anywhere.
At this moment, there are 3.8 billion awakened hearts open to the truth that is unfolding from within their hearts. This is more than half of the planetary population. (Note: This number has doubled since May, 2013 to now include every soul on the planet!) There are 1.5 billion fully Ascended Masters embodied here on the planet which is one-seventh of the human family currently embodied. This is why the Ascension process is literally hurtling forward as fully opened hearts, incredible joy, enlightenment, and grand creativity moves forward in leaps and bounds passing from one soul to the next, setting off a wave of Ascension – waves upon waves upon waves igniting with divine love and enlightenment.
As you know, what you focus on IS your reality. Jewels told a story a few months ago of how she desired to be the full expression of Ascended Mastery on this planet, and she did. In this process, she has been mastering all the lessons of Mastery: humility, full spiritual identity, joy, grace, unconditional forgiveness, unconditional love, service to All That Is, service to the Divine Plan, fortitude to keep an open heart and an open mind, courage, exuberance, innocence, enthusiasm, knowing when to be silent and when to speak, empowerment and empowering others, healing herself and activating healing for others, commitment to self-mastery for every soul, expressing, demonstrating and sharing truth, knowing and feeling unity and Oneness with All life everywhere, gratitude, simplicity, creativity.
All of these qualities and expressions are qualities and expressions of Divine Love, Light, and Creative Power – the trinity of your foundation – that which You Are. You are here as a group Avatar to burst this sector of this galaxy into full enlightenment, into bright joy, into all the miracles of love, into brilliance.
In this brilliant springtime of The 7th Golden Age of Gaia, the divine human is marvelously doing your part in the Cosmic burst of a brilliance that goes beyond anything creation has ever known before. This is a new day for all of creation, and we are all doing this together, through all realms and all worlds! There is no separation between any realm!
Namaste Beloveds!


I AM Dissolving in to the simple awareness that All Is Well and that there is only Divine Order. I have released trying convince, to wake up anyone, to do anything particular and am in a divine limbo of spacelessness womb – a white light vortex sweeps out from my light signature, and I sit in sun unencumbered, resting.

 Universal Amniotic Fluid

 The Universal Mother
Is carrying all her children
Inside her vast starry love
In fields of amniotic sacs
Floating silently among galactic waves
Rocked gently in vibrations of Hosannas,
Of lullabies sung forever
As we are all birthed in to
The coming Universal language of Oneness.
Now it a time of quiet as humanity reviews old ways of being in order to choose the Freedom of the Light and Love of their soul’s scope and greatness. Each has entered the cave of dreaming, the cave of introspection, where they will shed the old willingly during this time of self-reflection and emerge with new dreams to share with their communities – whether that be families, small town, intentional communities, regions, or the global community.
In your caves of introspection you will go within, meditate, and dream. You will meet guides and family members who you love and work with as part of your greater multi-dimensional consciousness, and you will awaken to just how multi-faceted and grand you are.
All programs of death and every nuance of separation will leave you as your attention flows to the vision and inner knowledge of how great and eternal you are in truth.
This knowledge, these visions, will open your hearts, as the defensive walls come tumbling down and like a young bird hatched from it’s egg, you will spread your wings and fly in to the next cosmic age – the Age of Blossoming Flowers – fields of the creation of your precious hearts – soft breezes through chimes and harps will play melodies of peace and joy will fill your Being. Peace and Wonder will waft on these soft breezes and you will hear the songs of the breezes as you feel their caresses – at home with your beautiful Gaia, unveiled to your open eyes, opened through the portals of your heart.
And you will fall in humility and deep gratitude upon the bosom of Gaia and take flight with the gentle breezes and the communities of Gaia shine forth with freedom.

A Message for Humanity for December, 2012

Jewels Maloney

Joyful Greetings Beloved Family of the One Great Heart, and Welcome to Our World!  You have arisen!
Look around you at the great light and color that permeates and defines your New Earth. Marvel at the precious beauty of Gaia and all her life forms. Feel the leaves shining as they dance in the sun and shimmer in breezes, the glory of sunlight on the waters, the coos of morning doves and babies, the call of the ravens, hawks and eagles, the song of your Unified Heart. You have opened your hearts dearest Ones – to yourselves, each other and all Life everywhere. All That Is celebrates your wondrous accomplishment and the beginnings of the 7th Golden Age on Gaia, throughout your solar system, your galaxy and all the galaxies of this Universe and beyond. You have freely joined the great cosmic dance of Love!
To accomplish this, you had to claim your free will and freely choose to release the stories and the suffering; to release doubt and fear, pain and punishment, judgment and separation. You had to move yourself beyond the programming that has created many layers of illusion within the mental worlds of the human race. You had to choose to move in to your heart and allow your heart to be your guide. You had to clear your own way, and assist others, to remember the truth that was always etched in your heart from the moment you left the heart of creation to venture out in to many worlds and experiences. No one could, or would do this for you, as this heroic journey and free will choice was yours alone to make and to claim. It was out of respect for the Divine-Human you are that the choice to claim Freedom, Life, and the Love that you Are was given and was to be redeemed only by you!
Through your commitment to Life, you took your own blinders off and allowed all that was not true to dissolve in the mists. You watched the mists clear, and the Sun of the New Earth rise, and you claimed it as the truth you had held in your heart and soul. You allowed your self to know the truth and to claim Love. You claimed the joy that was waiting for your choice to live and love fully and freely. You claimed the choice to clearly see the magnificent world you inhabit and to allow your eternal spirit its full creative powers and joys. You chose to claim Gaia as the shining beautiful jewel she is. You claimed Freedom, which is the keynote of this unfolding Age of Aquarius.
And this is just the beginning! It is the beginning of all the glory that will now unfold during Gaia’s 7th Golden Age and through this current cycle of the Aquarian Age. Breathe in the power of your creative spirit and the deep relaxation of your open heart so full of joy as the past recedes with ease and grace in the ever-growing light of the new day. Open your hands to all the bounty and beauty this miraculous planet loves to share with you. Open the chakras on the soles of your feet to share your love with her and All her life, flowing up your chakric column to the Heart of Creation, and back through your chakras to the Heart of Gaia and All her life. Embody fully the love that you are and share it with everyOne!   Through the heroic choices you have made for decades, and continue to make in beauty and to share wisely, you have created the Rainbow Bridge to the 7th Golden Age: a multi-dimensional network of portals and Cities of Light all throughout Gaia where your star families, ancestors, guides and Masters meet and mingle in this celebration of the victory of truth – the victory of love. The bridging takes place through your own multi-dimensional nature that embraces, pulses, and radiates through multiple dimensions simultaneously in spheres of light and love particles, weaving it all together in a symphony of creativity. This is the great gift of the Divine-Human: to play in many fields of dreams and creation and to feel the magnificence of it all, to love ever more widely and deeply, and to know the truth of All of Who you Are in an ever-present revelation. The on-going inner revelation of truth, held within every human heart, is continuing to awaken each magnificent Divine-Human as each is absorbed in to the telepathic union of Unity Consciousness.
Every day dreams are coming true and many more dreams are being born. As the unfolding of this New Age continues, you continue to rise in frequency with deeper reverence and joy for All That Is and you Know more and more deeply your Oneness with All That Is. You will choose now, with each breath, to expand and enlighten and relish your freedom and joy. As the wings of your heart continue to open you join Gaia’s laughter, joy, and celebration. The unified heart, your telepathic communications shared in the accomplishment of unity consciousness, and the expressions of your creativity are limitless and radiant. Let go now, and relax, in to your greatness.
 May each of you joyfully harvest the fruits you have tended and share the bounty!   We walk with you, as you, through you, and beside you.
We Are, The Christ-Magdalene



Leaping Through the Hoops of Eternity Presentation at the Sedona 2012 Festival on Dec. 22nd, 2012.

We enter the Eternal Now, Unity Consciousness, full telepathic union with All That Is, conscious participation with Planetary, Galactic and Universal Councils of Light and Love. Incredible new adventures await us, individually and collectively, as we leap through the hoops of eternity into the 7th Golden Age. The Divine Plan is blooming vividly, in perfect precision, as the New Earth emerges through us. Let us Celebrate!

Jewels Maloney is the author of Mary Magdalene: The Christos-Sophia RevelationEvery Child is HolySoul Songs, and Ecstasies & Meditations. Jewels’ books are available on Amazon, worldwide, and here.

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