a - MM Cover for eBook- FLATTENED Mary Magdalene: The Christos~Sophia Revelation, published July 2012, Dancing with The Sun Productions.

May your heart open wide as you discover the Feminine aspect of Christ Consciousness and the Mother aspect of The Divine in this book of hope and love from Mary Magdalene, the Feminine Christ. “This time is the fulfillment of a Divine Plan for humanity, Gaia, the Galaxies, this Universe, and All That Is. The full merging of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Creator with the human creation in all it’s glory is succeeding and will bring great color and brightness to all of creation. Springtime has come to the micro and macrocosms, and the joyous celebration of unity, love, and peace is resounding back and forth across the cosmos from the heart of All That Is. The breaking apart of the old world and of the past which no longer serves the grandness of your spirit within, has served to unveil the heart of humanity which in truth is unselfish and is pure love and passion and playfulness.”  ~The Christ-Magdalene

“The message in this book is filled with light and hope and shines. I recommend this to everyone that longs for a deeper connection to both their own spirit self and the female and male Masters that once walked the Earth. Jewels Maloney is channeling Mary Magdalene in such a beautiful way and you can really feel the spirit of hers is still alive and well. The message is timeless and universal and after reading you realize that love is really the solution.” ~ A. S., Sedona AZ

“I’d love to introduce you to an amazing Magdalene that walks this Beloved earth called Jewels Maloney, who has written one of THE most potent books on the Magdalene-Sophia consciousness, so much so, that I personally feel I could have written every word and I expect you will too. Her ability to disseminate the Divine Will of Mother/Father God through the experience of the Divine Full Spectrum Woman is exceptional and deserves every accolade we can give to such a masterpiece.

It gives me great pleasure Beloveds to honour our dear sister and her amazing work which I have not been able to put down or cease to emanate through my sacred journeys as the message is 100% true. This work should be known as the true message of Mary Magdalene. In the past I have read amazing works such as the “Lineage of the Codes of Light” where that took us into the story and Her True Story. Jewels’ work takes us into the future of Magdalene and how that Divine emanation looks on this Beloved Planet, Terra Christa Sophia in her glorious ascension right now. Read every word. Incredible!” ~ Stellar Fairbairn, creator/singer of The Magdalene Codesand other CDs.

“Hi Jewels,  I’m a friend of the beautiful Stellar Fairbairn, (Ireland), who posted a part of your Magalene book on her Facebook as one of the most authentic pieces on the Divine Feminine she had read. (considering she, like yourself, has fully integrated her large piece of the Christ/Magalene energies and she is a powerful spokeswoman for and example of the New Earth 5D energies and principles).

Well I read it and immediately ordered a copy of your beautiful book as for myself also it was the most profoundly moving, authentic energies I’d ever read and, as I’m possibly soon to write on the subject, I’ve read almost every well known authors book on the subjects. I’m an author and Channel too.” ~ Christine Spencer, Australia

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Mary Magdalene: The Christos-Sophia Revelation



Soul Songs invites you in, to an intimate sharing of writings that emerged during one year of the Wise Women of the West weekly writing group in Sedona, AZ. The group is facilitated by a different member each week using Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones method: meditation followed by stream of consciousness writing. I was intrigued by what emerged in these writings, which felt like precious moments and meanderings of a soul revealing itself. I offer these small windows from my soul to your soul. May you be nourished by these offerings.
” Love this book – and Jewels! Her words are like colorful dancing butterflies! She has an amazing way to put down her thoughts and see the world through the eyes of a child in a wise woman’s body. This book makes me feel ALIVE!”  Aurora S., Fitness Facilitator & Life Coach, Sedona, AZ
“Jewels helps me remember how alive we ALL are! This inspirational woman danced into my life in 1996 as a professor and forever changed my life… I am a better mother and human because of the love, play, knowledge and energy shared by her.” Laura S., Story Hill Farm, Bozeman, MY
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What glorious wonders emerge when we encourage children’s freedom and creativity? What happens when Mother Earth is the teacher, and children’s play creates the curriculum? How can we enjoy deeply authentic, graceful and fulfilling parenting of powerful babies, vibrant toddlers and confident children of all ages? How will our lives and our world be transformed when we as parents and teachers trust ourselves, follow our hearts, and open our souls to the brilliance and love each child brings to our life? 
Every Child is Holy shows how easy and fun it can be to relax and enjoy the wonder of life through parenting, how much it matters that we give children environments and experiences filled with beauty and creativity; and how essential it is for children to have an intimate relationship with nature. Jewels Maloney shares gifts gleaned from 21 years as a teacher of young children, a professor of creativity, and founder of two nature-based schools. Be inspired, empowered, and let us begin!
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Every Child is Holy

FrontCover-poetry book

Experience this divinely heart inspiring Goddess -Jewels Maloney, as she shares her voice through poetry, music, and song. I felt so whole, so loved, so heart centered. This evening truly brought me to an experience of divine femininity, wholehearted joy, and ecstasy as we experienced each other’s divinity and gazed in to the eyes of the Beloved! I felt that Jewel’s voice, both through the spoken word and song was a healing experience in itself. She is indeed a gifted vibrational energy poet. Her poetry is much more than a poem – it is a journey – a portal into and through each individual heart to the place where Oneness truly exists.” – B.K.

“What is it like to experience the nature of our true divinity as beings of Light? Step into the presence of Dr. Jewels and receive the gifts, the presents she offers, of joy, bliss, peace, beauty & glory! I felt her transmit an energy blessing to my crown chakra and the higher mysteries entered my crown and descended through my whole body. I loved every beautiful moment.”  – D.M.

“Jewel’s performance raised your energy to bring you into a high state of Being!” 

“My synapses explode with your words and your energy.  It’s like going to a ceremony and exploding inside spiritually.”  J. B., Sedona

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“Inspiration to creation is a gift divine” this phrase came to Thelma Daisy Moeran in her teens. She did not know what it meant at the time, however, it was to influence her extraordinary life, which has been dedicated to following guidance from “Spirit” which led to her becoming a messenger for the crystal skulls.
The Crystal Skull Messenger follows Thelma’s journey to Sedona, Arizona and Glastonbury, England, where she has been a mentor to many and a pure channel bringing through beautiful inspired poetic messages from the crystal skulls in service to humanity. Before her 90th birthday on April 27, 2014 Thelma said, “I now offer the ‘gift divine’ to the world, so that the poems may indeed be an ‘inspiration to creation’. This gift divine, not yours or mine, comes from the Creator.”
Thelma Daisy Moeran and Elizabeth Heartstar Keller came together in this life to fulfill several of their souls’ purposes and passions. One of these was their relationship with each other, and with their soul groups in Glastonbury, England and in Sedona, Arizona. Another was that they would link up and re-unite two special crystal skulls, HeartStar and Yangtze, who, along with the whole crystal skull matrix, had work to do together at this time of the transition into the new Golden Age on Gaia.


The Crystal Skull Messenger