Christos-Sophia Updates

Summer Solstice Promise

I AM Coming to meet my Bride.

And I, Beloved, AM bringing the whole Earth to you.

June 21, 2018

The Christos-Sophia

It is a new day – a new time- a new era – a new cycle in the endless cycles of evolution – of life. It is the beginning of a new 26,000-year cycle for planet Earth – Gaia – one that is a cycle of the new Golden Age – the Age of Flowers. It is also the start of a new 2,300-year cycle – the Aquarian Age – the Age of Freedom.

These cycles are part of the journey of our planet, as she hurtles through space at incredible speeds; and of all creation: galaxies, universes, worlds upon worlds of life dance together in this new era. It is a time guided by the deep inner recognition of the Oneness of all life; that a human being is never alone in a meaningless creation – that every blade of grass and newly-hatched bird is intimately One with each of us – forever. We are eternal consciousness and we are here to demonstrate love, creativity, and freedom for the highest good and well-being of every particle of life – every particle being imbued with “The Force” of divine intelligence, love, and creative power.

It is the time when we integrate all that we are and allow the simple truth of our marvelous individuality to blend in a symphony of life, blossoming in the sweetness of fragrance and color – the deep wisdom of our hearts glorifying creation and our Oneness with all of it.


Beloveds, Welcome!

We welcome in to the very Heart of Mother-Father God, where your place has always and is eternally to be found. Your heart opens wide with this welcome and floods Light into every particle of Gaia and all her life in this most joyous season of Love. Divine Love, selfless Love, pure Love for your Self and all life expands in a beauty that makes Creation sing!

These past three years have seen the deepening of understanding and of knowing the peace that has arrived on mother Gaia. You Have Come to see and to hear and to know the truth codes that have ever been held in your heart flame, and these flames together create a bonfire of beauty and magic, purifying the pains of separation that include separation from your own divine nature, your true nature. You Have Come in to the Consciousness of The Christ – Union with your true nature.

At midnight tonight, a Universal Love ignites!

Christmas Eve, 2015


Joy to the World!  The Lord and The Lady have come.

I received this marvelous proclamation at Brigid’s Well in Kildare, Ireland on the most recent Avalon Journey in April. A few days before I left for Ireland, while I was still in Sedona, I had a dream. I dreamed of an old man in a wheelchair in Ireland. He has been so removed, so far away, that people don’t love him or know him anymore. He is God. When I awoke with this dream, I felt the lack of relationship, personal and intimate relationship with God. God does not appear to be “with us”, we do not know God. God needs to be walking the earth.

At Brigid’s Well, there is a pathway of 7 stones that lead from the spring to a little waterfall where the spring water emerges from the earth. I was at the heart chakra stone when I receive this ‘download’ – Joy to the World! The Lord and the Lady have come!

The Heart, Oneness has opened in the human consciousness and All have become soul-centered, woven in the Divine Weave of joy, glory and Oneness – secure and powerful forevermore.

Joy to the World! The Lord and The Lady hath come! Let truth this joy proclaim! We are God/Goddess walking this planet, bridging in to the great intimacy of the Great Spirit- feminine and masculine walking through us – All One of Us. And this Oneness is blossoming forth more every day as humanity weaves their open hearts in a global daisy chain of connection – the Divine Weave of Life! The Force be with you! I see you! We are One!

Oneness has opened in the human consciousness as God/Goddess join with our mental, emotional, etheric, and physical bodies and deep security, peace, and joy come forth. God/Goddess and we humanity had lost our intimacy over millenium, but now The Lord and The Lady have come to walk Gaia with All One of us.

The shining eyes the dancing wings of flight – of freedom, of new beginnings. We walk through each door of initiation and we become Universal and then Cosmic beings of eternal consciousness, enjoying all the fruits of Gaia and of being human – and the dance begins once again on another turning upon the spiraling galactic winds.

April 26, 2016

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