Ascension Is Now!

It is a new day – a new time- a new era – a new cycle in the endless cycles of evolution – of life. It is the beginning of a new 26,000-year cycle for planet Earth – Gaia – one that is a cycle of the new Golden Age – the Age of Flowers. It is also the start of a new 2,300-year cycle – the Aquarian Age – the Age of Freedom.

These cycles are part of the journey of our planet, as she hurtles through space at incredible speeds; and of all creation: galaxies, universes, worlds upon worlds of life dance together in this new era. It is a time guided by the deep inner recognition of the Oneness of all life; that a human being is never alone in a meaningless creation – that every blade of grass and newly-hatched bird is intimately One with each of us – forever. We are eternal consciousness and we are here to demonstrate love, creativity, and freedom for the highest good and well-being of every particle of life – every particle being imbued with “The Force” of divine intelligence, love, and creative power.

It is the time when we integrate all that we are and allow the simple truth of our marvelous individuality to blend in a symphony of life, blossoming in the sweetness of fragrance and color – the deep wisdom of our hearts glorifying creation and our Oneness with all of it.

The Christos-Sophia Revelation                                                        Planet Earth 2012

2012 is the time for the Reappearance of The Christ, and for what the Gnostic traditions call the Reception of The Bride. This is the time when The Magdalene is seen and known as the One with The Christ: the time when the Divine Feminine, often called Sophia is recognized as the Beloved of Creator and the birther of all manifested creation. The Divine Masculine cauldron of Light – the spark, the fire of creative intelligence as One with the Divine Feminine cauldron of Love and creative intelligence unite, interplay, and love forever. And creation evolves, expands, and perfects itself forever.

This time is the marker of the culmination of a Divine Plan for humanity and Gaia as we enter in to the 7th Golden Age on Mother Gaia. Our collective ascension, which means rising in consciousness and vibration or frequency, enlightening on all levels of our being, and living from the heart will affect our Galaxy, all the Galaxies of this Universe, and All That Is. The full merging of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Creator with the human creation in all its glory is succeeding and this heroic journey will bring great color and brightness to all of creation. It will bring all that is the glory of being human – deep feelings, wondrous perceptions, great thoughts and revelations, great works of creativity, and wonderful circles of connection and love in to full blossoming over the coming centuries and millennia. This is happening now. The foundation has been well laid.

Beloved Mother Earth is a focal point at this cosmic time of the in breath of God when All That My Father and My Mother Have and Are is to be given and shared as One with the fullness of human consciousness, feelings and physical form. This dispensation is being spoken, heard and felt through many voices and many hearts, as it is the truth encoded into every heart without fail. It is spoken in every language as well as in the telepathic rapport of every soul with All That Is. It is spoken in many worlds throughout the infinite galaxies and universes. It is the law of the Omniverse resounding throughout creation.

The Christos-Sophia is here now, physically embodied in many forms – female and male. We are androgynous, which is the truth of all forms in the higher realms of light, and also the truth of every human being, who is now experiencing the “marriage” of the human and the divine, and of the inner divine masculine and divine feminine. The marriage of the divine eternal I AM Presence with the magnificence of the human being creates Self-realized, God-realized, fully sovereign cosmic beings of love, light, and power. This power is creativity utilizing the energies of love and light, to explore and embody in infinite creations. The marriage of the inner divine masculine and feminine gives birth to the divine child within – the authentic, free, creative human spirit that is and always has been, love.

The flowering of seeds planted eons ago, when the Heart of All That Is – the Divine feminine life force, joined with the Divine masculine fire of illumination and intelligence is now celebrating the union and unity that will bring forth unprecedented creativity, joy, harmony and celebration in all worlds. Springtime has come to the micro and macrocosms, and the joyous celebration of unity, love, and peace is resounding back and forth across the cosmos from the heart of All That Is.

For humanity, what this means is the full merge of the Divine Eternal I AM Presence with the divine structures of the human as a creation of love and perfection. Each chakra of the human design and all energy fields of the human experience, are beautiful and varied ways to receive and express Spirit – the Cosmic Fire of Love, Wisdom, Compassion, and Creativity flowing through the dance of chakric expressions in infinite subtleties of creative purpose and play.

From the root chakra of fulfillment, security and connection with Mother Earth through the crown chakra and our connection with Our Source, we are a rainbow of expression, creating a rainbow bridge to more expanded versions of ourselves in the flowering of a grand experiment that is now coming to fruition in this time – what the Cherokee so beautifully call the Age of Flowers.

The breaking apart of the old world and of the past structures, institutions, belief systems and limiting boxes that no longer serve the grandness of your spirit within, has ultimately served to unveil the heart of humanity, which in truth is unselfish and is pure love, passion, and play.

~ from Mary Magdalene: The Christos-Sophia Revelation (2012) by Jewels Maloney.

Now, in 2017, we have been an integral part of and have witnessed the uplifting of consciousness and the opening of humanity’s heart more and more each day. Hold the vision of Heaven on Earth, that is emerging every moment. We are instrumental in bringing it forth in to fullness! The more we see, feel, perceive the love that is here now and the New Earth demonstrating in myriad ways; the more the New Age comes forth in to Full Manifestation. Keep dreaming! Namaste.

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