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Welcome to Gaia’s 7th Golden Age

Here you will find books, channeled messages and recordings, healing sessions, in-depth Ascension Retreats and Sacred Journeys to special places on our beautiful planet. I call myself an Ascension Facilitator. I have an M.Ed. and Ed.D. in creativity, am an Usui Reiki Master & Teacher, author, and conscious channel for the Feminine aspect of Christ Consciousness. I also teach in the Masters in Transpersonal Studies Program at Atlantic University, which was founded by Edgar Cayce. Please enjoy my site. Everything here is offered in divine love – the truth of who we are – each ONE of us!


Offering Readings Again

HI EveryONE! Almost two years ago in July, I was guided by The Christ-Magdalene to stop doing public channelings and channeled readings. What Magdalene said at that time was, “We will just be repeating ourselves. We have said what needed to be said for this time. And everyone needs to make their own inner connection with the Divine.”

Well, just recently, I received the inner guidance that it is time to offer channeled Readings again. Many of you have had readings with me over the years. But for those of you who are new to this, these readings are what I would call Soul Readings. They address your larger self, your Higher Self, and in that process the smaller questions also become answered. It is your questions that trigger the information, so when you make an appointment, please have your questions ready. We will record the session via a teleconference #, which I will send to you when your appointment is confirmed. Please go here to reserve and pay for your session. I will receive your email details with this payment and will contact you about good times to talk for both of us.

My beautiful soul sister and writing companion, Chris Ryley, passed over this year. I wanted to share her feedback with you from a reading we did a couple of years ago. “Thank you for the greatest help I have ever received. I was so impressed with your reading, understanding & insight. You answered some big questions I have had for a long time.”

Channeling The Magdalene

Channeling The Magdalene

Healing with Light

photo by Luis Palma

photo by Luis Alejandro Palma

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is really energy, whose vibration has been lowered to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter. There is only light and sound.” Albert Einstein

“Light is the ultimate biological nutrient.” Gabriel Cousins

Brief Synopsis of Current Research in the Biophoton field:

Something with a higher charge will effect everything around it to bring all the energy in to a new balance.

Specific wavelengths of light speed up healing.

Blue and ultraviolet spectrum in being studied the most now.

The body is a system of Flow systems.

Comments from folks who took Accelerated Reiki classes with me on Valentine’s Day weekend.

“Jewels, You are so totally awesome!  Thank you for one of the most incredible weekends I have EVER had!! You have an incredible energy and spirit, a beautiful laugh and joy, and an expansive knowledge – wow!!  You are an incredible lady! You are a total blessing!! I learned 10 years worth in 3 days!” ~ Ann H., Fargo, ND

“We send our LOVE to you. The trip still resonates an over-the-top amount of love! Words merely fall on a page needing higher vibration to truly give definition to all that was learned, experienced and yet to be unveiled. You are a joy, a beacon of light and love.” Much love, Teresa P., NC

“When I went home after the Reiki Master Teacher Attunement, some friends were there and one took pictures of me. I had a golden glow around me in the photos!” ~ Ruthie, AZ

I will be traveling East this summer, so if you would like to arrange a Reiki class & attunements in your area, please let me know, and I will stop by! I am now offering Reiki I & II for $99. When I attune people to Reiki Master Teacher level, I like them to come the whole class. Reiki I/II is about 7 hrs. including attunements and III/IV is an additional 4 hrs. with attunements, and is an additional fee of $55. A nice arrangement for this is an evening session, one whole day, and a half day.

Celestial Light


This is a very powerful time for major transformation of all that you are NOT, and for the extraordinary shift in to All that you ARE! Please join me for my new:

Shift in One Month Program

This Program is available to everyone. What is required is the strong desire to BE all that you ARE.  We long to be ‘used’ by the divine, to make use of our gifts and passions. In this process, we need to dissolve everything from the past that  no longer serves our spiritual unfoldment. Enter in to Your Life of peace, security, trust, grace, ease and Joy!            

Let us Begin!

 If you are experiencing self-judgment or judgment of others, unhappiness or lack of fulfillment, fears and anxiety of any kind, financial instability, loneliness or isolation, there are simple tools we will use to shift consciousness and open your heart to all that the divine cosmos wants to give you. It is about releasing Everything that is no longer for your highest good, and opening to your natural abilities of spiritual perception, creative joy, and the bliss of divine love living and expressing through you.

 Via Skype or a recorded phone session, we will follow up with a one hour session each week for four weeks that will include Spiritual Counseling, assistance and tools to Release old emotional baggage, burdens, old subconscious beliefs, and unconscious self-talk that are disempowering.

Shift in One Month Program:   $280                                                              Weekly payment plan available.

Email me for details, questions, and instructions! Thank you and Namaste!

I am honored to share this Short Story and Testimonial of this work with you, offered by a Beautiful Goddess from Texas! Her story SHINES with all the possibilities that come from healing and clearing that which no longer serves our highest good and our spiritual path! May each of you receive your own healing and upliftment from her story!

The Goddess that I AM ~~~ Short Story by: C. Regalado

  It was my weekly Skype session with Jewels and I was excited about what this 3rd glorious meeting would bring. These sessions are interesting because they seem to be orchestrated by my soul, my inner being. My spiritual coach, Jewels, has had me providing my intentions for the upcoming week for each session. Writing these intentions forces me to gently and lovingly step outside of my comfort zone of operating from an external place of being. I go deep within and play “psychologist” with myself, discovering things that I have known, but have never fully explored. In discussing these intentions, I learned that behind most fears are belief systems that we all have been programmed with. I’m a very well rounded gal, therefore, I am quite familiar with programming, thought forms, and all the illusions galore. However, I had not realized how much impact they had on me. For my final session, Jewels has asked me to provide my usual intentions for the week as well as an interesting assignment about what makes my heart sing, and how do I want to share it or myself. As her beautiful and sunny soul was providing these instructions, I became excited about what makes my heart sing. Mmmmm…would it be doing my part in awakening humanity, becoming more abundant and fruitful, or even writing a book, ohhh. how about helping Gayle birth The New Earth Academy, that surely makes my heart sing a loving tune, I thought to myself.

As I was gathering my thoughts on my intentions for my final week, I heard from my Guides, “be the Goddess that you are” Of course, that’s it!! My intentions are to embrace the Goddess that I AM, but how to do that without sounding cocky or conceited?  Uh-oh, there goes those pesky belief systems sneaking back up again…time for the clearing statement to shake those energies. After re-centering myself, I started brainstorming about my assignment yet again. At that very moment, the Whitney Houston song, “The Greatest Love” starting playing on my CD player. As I listened to this familiar song, I realized that I had not really “listened” or imbibed in the lyrics before. This actually shocked me a little because since I was young child, my mother would have me sing that song over and over AND OVER again, “sing it again with more feeling” she’d say. It was not a coincidence that this song began playing at this very moment because it was speaking to ME. The song is speaking of self-love, and thru that self love, It speaks of not living in the shadows of others, and living as you believe. Interesting thing was as this song was playing, I was being shown visions of how each lyric played in my life and past experiences. It was a very powerful and unforgettable, and much appreciated.  If that was not magnificent on it’s own, shortly after, I had the pleasure of listening to the song, Man in the Mirror, by Michael Jackson. The lyrics of that particular song are challenging you to change the world by changing YOURSELF. Mmmmm…no coincidence that song is now playing as I am still completing my little spiritual homework assignment.

What do these 2 songs have to do with what makes my heart sing? Well, I have realized with gratitude and joy that what makes my heart sing is loving myself and being the change I want to see in the world.  It was like Spirit took the words right out of my mouth (so to speak) These actions may be confusing or even misunderstood by some, however, looking deep within and knowing that you are a spark of God, it becomes clearer. When I love myself, that love automatically extends out to others, even those who I have not physically met since we are all connected. This self-love is not to be confused with being conceited because many times conceit is based on fear and not love. This love to myself is saying, “it’s ok how you look, your status, knowledge, or lack there of, because there is no such thing, everything is perfect and in divine order, you are a spark of God which means you are perfect, continue doing things as you believe because when you love yourself unconditionally, you will always be joyful no matter what.”  Making changes to myself, and being the change I want to see in the world is also automatically shared with others. Very similar to the 100th Monkey syndrome, humans are very connected by each others actions.  My heart sings when I love myself unconditionally thus automatically making changes that no longer serve me and my divinity. This is a wonderful recipe for being the Goddess that I AM. In being the Goddess that I AM, I will bless, and be blessed by others, I will inspire, and be inspired by others.  I see The New Earth Academy forming now….I see fruitfulness coming, I see all good things coming because I love myself, as a matter of fact, I love myself more than belief systems that have kept me limited. It’s time to break free. The possibilities are endless now. The Goddess that I AM is now ready for her close up !!!!   C. Regalado, TX


 “ Jewels is in the highest integrity – an outstanding healer and remarkable instrument of the Divine.”  M. M., Sedona

“This is the most incredible experience I have ever had in my life!” Toni, AK

 ”You have opened a channel in our souls we did not know existed! Profoundly changed! Aloha until we meet again.” Michelle & Kurt, OR

 “Since my healing session with you I’ve felt such a transformation.  I literally walked out of the room feeling 3 inches taller.  The guilt, anger, and stress lifted from my shoulders.  I have a sense of calmness and a feeling that there is something so much greater.  My heart feels warm again for the first time in a long time.” Keri, VA

“I just have to let you know that I’ve been singing your praises ever since the therapy session you delivered. I have felt like myself again, for the first time in a long time, and the difference is noticeable to others as well as myself. What you did altered my entire sense of things, reduced the aggression and anxiety I was feeling. If I have to fly to Sedona for more of your healing touch you bet I will! Thank you for helping me when I needed it most.” H.W., NH


Mary Magdalene: The Christos-Sophia Revelation

The New Earth is Arising!

IMG_5616Everyone and everything connected with Mother Earth is in an awesome process of transformation and ascension.  Ascension is the increase in frequency and vibration of every electron comprising life on this planet and all of creation.  We are each opening our hearts wider and deeper, feeling and seeing and hearing from the perspective of our immortal soul, and en-light-ening. Our creativity is being catapulted into visions of how to bring a New Earth into existence. We are all destined to co-create a sacred existence on our beautiful Mother Earth.

As has been said for many cycles of time, “The Teacher is Within”!  Each of us carries the wisdom, beauty, love and truth within our hearts and Knows that we are Here Now to Make a Difference – to be here for the great Turning of the Ages, and to Celebrate as we create a new reality that much better serves the holy beings that we are.

I would love my book, Every Child is Holy, to be read and used!  Excerpt here:

Every Child Is Holy

Every Day Is Holy

Every Moment is Holy

Enjoy each Holy Child,

Each Holy Day

Each Holy Moment!


Omnipresent Creativity

To be human is to be creative. This is what humans are. We learn, grow and change every minute. We are hard-wired for self-confidence, boldness, openness, flexibility, curiosity, wonder, joy, and the desire to stretch, take risks, and explore the unknown.

Humans are intrinsically motivated to explore, discover, translate, express, make, and communicate. Humans have a natural urge to create, discover, learn, teach, and share. Every one of us, of every age and developmental stage, needs many and various opportunities to explore, experience themselves, their relationships, Mother Earth, and their world, and worlds beyond worlds.

Creativity is a process ~ a dynamic interplay of self conversing with Self, others, experience, nature, and culture. As children, we learn naturally through play and relationships, totally absorbed in the moment. The flow of creativity produces joy and feelings of being whole, of being fully, wholly present.

Creativity is natural – a force or power which channels itself through the many interests and passions of the individual. We each have an energetic signature that changes and grows through the varieties of experience and reflection and dreaming that shape our ever flowing unique design.

Creativity shows itself through enthusiasm and passion, risk-taking and absorption, novelty and adventure, complexity and curiosity, wonder, and joy. Creativity involves a variety of conditions: Freedom to explore, question, and reflect ~ Uninterrupted time – choices – relaxation ~ Self-confidence  & Honesty. There is a synergy comprised of creativity, self-esteem, and the freedom to be one’s self authentically.  Thus, life is fulfilling and delightful, naturally.

You can buy this, and my other books here: http://ascensionisnow.com/books/


May 10 Lunar Eclipse, 2013

Give the gift of loving Mother Earth with all of your senses and feelings. The gorgeous blue of the sky and the green light of the trees, the energies here which work in tandem with us, gifting us with the highest vibration and most enthusiastic joy! Filling our spirits, filling our senses, filling our heart with love.

Walk around like the fool, like the Sufi poets, like the Ascended Masters you are – smiling at every single person with great love – streaming forth the love that you are in smiles and joy for everyone and everything – raising the rapture quotient of our world and all worlds – We Are One.

All of LIfe Comes to me with Ease, Joy, and Glory.

I Choose to fully experience my highest potential now.

These are tools you can use to lift your consciousness to your highest potential now, and to access all the many gifts of love, freedom and light that are pouring forth through you, your world, and all of creation at this moment.

Make a prayer to everything and anything. Call forth the powers of healing and perfect health, of riches, spiritual and material for all. Making a prayer for anything will magnify your spiritual perception and your gratitude will expand into pure joy and love.

Celebrate the accomplishments of your mission, of our mission together. We are all in this together, all throughout all worlds are uniting in unity consciousness and the victory of love and light, and this is growing exponentially with each passing day. Each of has freely chosen to Be All that You Are, to demonstrate mastery, to Be Love, to Love Life, to show the way to live and be in a brilliant, abundant, loving universe. Now, we go on to the next divine plan, which is resounding joy throughout creation, personally and intimately known by every soul. Freedom freely chosen by every soul. The free expression of love and enlightenment chosen by every soul.

Each of you continue to have more and more experiences of your own multidimensionality and the multidimensional universe you are living in; your personal connections with All That Is and every part of All That Is; and of your divinity, your divine consciousness, your Christ consciousness, while having this beautiful and versatile human vehicle to express love and enlightenment through.

There is no separation between your human, planetary, galactic, universal and cosmic Being. We say these words often, but what do they really mean operationally, experientially? There still seems to be part of ourselves who believe that God, our star families, the Ascended Masters and angels are “out there” somewhere. This is true, and it is simultaneously true that all these beings of light are right here, right now, within us. We are eternal creative beings and All aspects of creation are right here, in our genetics, in our experience, in our energy fields and our energy signature, in the greater Life that we are experiencing and expressing, more and more and more, every day and every night. All are part of your consciousness and part of your own multidimensional nature. We are you, and you are us. There is no separation anywhere.

At this moment, there are 3.8 billion awakened hearts open to the truth that is unfolding from within their hearts. This is more than half of the planetary population. (Note: This number has doubled since May, 2013 to now include every soul on the planet!) There are 1.5 billion fully Ascended Masters
embodied here on the planet which is one-seventh of the human family currently embodied. This is why the Ascension process is literally hurtling forward as fully opened hearts, enlightenment, incredible joy, and grand creativity moves forward in leaps and bounds passing from one soul to the next, setting off a wave of Ascension – waves upon waves upon waves igniting with divine love and enlightenment.

As you know, what you focus on IS your reality. Jewels told a story a few months ago of how she desired to be the full expression of Ascended Mastery on this planet, and she did. In this process, she has been mastering all the lessons of Mastery: humility, full spiritual identity, joy, grace, unconditional forgiveness, unconditional love, service to All That Is, service to the Divine Plan, fortitude to keep an open heart and an open mind, courage, exuberance, innocence, enthusiasm, knowing when to be silent and when to speak, empowerment and empowering others, healing herself and activating healing for others, commitment to self-mastery for every soul, expressing, demonstrating and sharing truth, knowing and feeling unity and Oneness with All life everywhere, gratitude, simplicity, creativity.

All of these qualities and expressions are qualities and expressions of Divine Love, Light, and Creative Power – the trinity of your foundation – that which You Are. You are here as a group Avatar to burst this sector of this galaxy into full enlightenment, into bright joy, into all the miracles of love, into brilliance.

In this brilliant springtime of The 7th Golden Age of Gaia, the divine human is marvelously doing your part in the Cosmic burst of a brilliance that goes beyond anything creation has ever known before. This is a new day for all of creation, and we are all doing this together, through all realms and all worlds! There is no separation between any realm!

Namaste Beloveds!


Leaping Through the Hoops of Eternity

Here is my presentation at the Sedona 2012 Festival on Dec. 22nd, 2012.
We enter the Eternal Now, Unity Consciousness, full telepathic union with All That Is, conscious participation with Planetary, Galactic and Universal Councils of Light and Love. Incredible new adventures await us, individually and collectively, as we leap through the hoops of eternity into the 7th Golden Age. The Divine Plan is blooming vividly, in perfect precision, as the New Earth emerges through us. Let us Celebrate!
Jewels Maloney is the author of Mary Magdalene: The Christos-Sophia Revelation, Every Child is Holy, Soul Songs, and Ecstasies & Meditations. Jewels’ books are available on Amazon, worldwide, and here.


The Glastonbury Tor

Avalon Journey 2013

All of US at Tintagel

Our Avalon Journey, May 20-29th was amazing! 13 of us created an enormous Chalice of Love. We celebrated the 7th Annual Bee Ceremony in the magnificent Avebury stone circles in a colorful, musical, and powerful afternoon on the Full Moon Eclipse with about 100 people, and then later did ceremony again inside Stonehenge that evening with the beautiful crystal bowls and gongs played by our alchemist sister, Catherine Gaze, affectionately, and spiritually, known as Merlina.


Catherine later guided some of us down into Merlin’s Cave at Tintagel on a very stormy, gusty, cold day after we had spent the whole morning at the magical fairy glen and stupendous waterfall of St. Nectan’s Glen.

Glastonbury was magical as always, full of depth and memories from other times for each person in the amazing group of sisters and one brother, who joined together for this light-working to anchor the codes of the blueprint of Avalon -and that we did!


The Chalice Well Gardens and the Red Spring were so powerfully welcoming as always…. we were there twice, once to explore and once for a Bee Priestess Initation Ceremony which brought tears, old memories, and incredible empowerment and love to each and every ONE of us! Thank you Elizabeth HeartStar, Celia, and Lorye!


I was so delighted to walk along the paths of the Chalice Well and come upon beautiful Bari, who works at the Daisy Centre, where we love to stay, reading my Mary Magdalene book! I was stunned. She said that this is where she feels Magdalene’s energy, so she came there to read the book!


Elizabeth’s ancient Tibetan crystal skull, Heartstar, got a bath in The Red Spring, and we all made offering to add to the candles and starwberries that were already gifted there.

IMG_0604 IMG_0600


Elizabeth’s friend Carole Isis gave us a private concert in the Angel Meditation Sanctuary in the Dasiy Centre. Her music is so rich, warm, enticing and poetic. We loved it and we love her! Thank you Carole. Please visit her website and order her CDs! www.isissongs.com


It was very very powerful to give a channeling in The Magdalene Chapel on Magdalene Street in Glastonbury. The Chapel has been completely renovated, made beautiful,and loved. That channeling is available here, on the channeling page.  ascensionisnow.com/channelings&recordings

IMG_0540 IMG_0541

There was so much shared, and so much to share! This is but a tidbit of the Sacred Journey we all co-created. For more photos and sharing of the group’s experiences, please see the Facebook page for AvalonJourney2013. www.facebook.com/avalonjourney2013

Avalon Journey 2014 will be May 12-22nd. Details @ http://AvalonJourney.com




Simple Healing Tools for Inner Peace & Happiness

The most important decision we can ever make is whether we believe we live in a friendly Universe.”  Albert Einstein

We all know tools, simple tools, to bring us in to inner peace, to soothe and love ourselves, and to connect with Spirit. This is a reminder to Use The Tools!

The most basic “tool” is our breath – slow, full, deep into the belly, letting the belly expand and then exhaling FULLY and, letting go, letting go….Enter into the sacred temple within your breath, your soul, and commune and connect deeply with Cosmic Consciousness.  Let is happen.  Let is unfold.  Honor the Divine within you and within All That Is, All Our Relations. Being outside with Mother Earth is the best way to breath and simply be.

Short meditation for inner peace – and thus, for World Peace: Look at the sun and feel Mother Earth with your feet.  Feel your love and light flowing out through your feet chakras into the Heart of Mother Earth and connect energetically from the heart with her.  Bring in sparkling  golden white light, or any other color that nourishes you in the moment, and let in flow, penetrate, and surround every chakra, every cell, atom, electron of your being – all energy fields for upliftment, inner peace, heart opening, rejuvenation, youthing, health, expansion, and enlightenment. I encourage you to talk to your cells, atoms, electrons, and all the vast space in between the electrons saying, “We are regenerating, healing, rejuvenating. Thank you for spinning at the highest frequency for my highest good right now.”

Always simply ASK (the Universe, God, the Divine Mother, your own I AM Presence) for the Highest Good to come forth for yourself, and for any person connected with you, and that it come forth Now WITH DIVINE GRACE AND EASE.  We can heal and change gently, lovingly, being loving to ourselves. Prayer, intention, and invocation Works!

Then, it is a matter of letting go of and releasing all the woundings, traumas, and self-judgement held in the cellular memory and subconscious, to make way for the Highest Good, to really feel and know that you deserve it, that you are worthy.  We are NOT guilty.  We do NOT need to be punished.  We are innocent, open, vivid, loving creators full of peace, laughter, and compassion. We must allow ourselves to grow, change, heal, be happy. We need to actively Choose what we want to experience – this is where our power of creation is.

The Violet Flame of Transmutation is a spiritual tool to release, clear, and transmute any and all energies, cords, and lower frequency energies from all of your energy fields – physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual energy bodies.  It is a purifying and clarifying Flame. So, imagine a beautiful violet flame, violet fire flowing through you, or you stepping in to it and just ask the Angels of the Violet Flame to assist in clearing and transmuting any old energies that are no longer for your highest good.  When that feels complete, bring in Golden-White Light of the Most High places to fill every cell, atom and electron of your being, and BREATHE!

Emptiness is the Void from which All Comes Forth.  Emptiness is the space before the next creation, the next “you”.  Emptiness is rich with silence, with awareness, with…no-thing, just Be.   We need not fear the feelings of emptiness, the void, or stillness. They are the trough before the next wave of creative activity. Blessings to ONE and All!