Sedona Transformation

When we see beauty, when we see peace, when we see magic; then this is what we create, our world becomes this at the same moment we see it.

When we see the beauty and love in others, in anyone, their true nature is enhanced and made even stronger.

Experience the Energies Available to you in Sedona

Choose a Vortex Tour, Medicine Wheel Ceremony, or Hike AND Choose an IET session, Spiritual Reading or Inner Journey ~ $244 per person

Sacred Vortex Tours & Hikes

“Brilliant and wonderful morning!”

” a life-changing experience.”

2.5 hr. Vortex Tour: We begin with an overview from high lookout point; including history, geology, Native American stories & a powerful meditation and ceremony. We visit 1-2 more Vortex Sites with short hikes to each & meditation so that you will receive what your soul called you to receive in the vortexes. Children under 12 half price.

“My Vortex Tour with Jewels was one of the most meaningful mornings of my life! The knowledge and information that she so freely shared was a gift in itself. Nothing could have been better! Outstanding!”

“Jewels was a marvelous spiritual guide. Her love of this beautiful land was shared without measure. It was an experience we will treasure for years to come!”

“Wonderful, transforming and extraordinary experience! Absolutely would recommend!” Linda, MD

Walk in Balance  Medicine Wheel Ceremony

Experience Sacred Ceremony in the majesty of the red rocks. In this timeless ceremony we embrace and honor Great Spirit, Mother Earth, the Spirits of the Four Directions and our own Heart Path. Go deeper within in this ancient ceremony of gratitude, release, and rejuvenation at a magnificent Medicine Wheel in the vortex.

Smudging with sage smoke prepares you to set powerful intentions and clear your energies, getting you ‘ready to pray’. We walk the wheel to let go, to attune, and to receive medicine from the spirits, ancestors, animal totems, and elementals of each direction. We enter the Center, the Void, the Great Mystery to align with and bless All Our Relations.

“The Medicine Wheel tour with Jewels absolutely took my breath away – an opportunity to to learn and love myself and heal, and to become in touch with Mother Earth and Great Spirit. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Kathy, LA

“Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. I came for my son who has cancer. I know that no matter what happens he will be OK and so will I. There was the most wonderful feeling of everything being OK after the Medicine Wheel Ceremony.” Donna, LA

The Medicine Wheel

Hikes to very special places in Sedona. Discover the amazing variety of sacred and beautiful places.

Healing, Activation & Insight Sessions 

“ Jewels is in the highest integrity – an outstanding healer and remarkable instrument of the Divine.”  Miguel, Sedona  

 Spiritual Reading: Receive answers to your questions and to what you are seeking from the level of your higher self/soul. You will feel the peace and freedom of understanding your self from a much bigger picture. Jewels channels 7th dimensional energy, love, and insight from the ascended masters. Please prepare questions for the reading.

Integrated Energy Therapy: Release unresolved issues and energies from your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields. This session clears trauma, blocks and limitations; and activates and amplifies divine energies resulting in higher vibration, expanded awareness, peace, lightness, and healing on all levels of your being.

“Since my healing session with you I’ve felt such a transformation.  I literally walked out of the room feeling 3 inches taller.  The guilt, anger, and stress lifted from my shoulders.  I have a sense of calmness and a feeling that there is something so much greater.  My heart feels warm again for the first time in a long time.” Keri, VA

“To say that my healing session with Jewels was amazing does not seem to describe it well enough.  I came to Jewels feeling lost, hurt, overwhelmed – like I was literally holding on by a thread.  I left empowered, at peace, free, the puzzle has been put back together – my soul had been healed.  I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me.  I know that I am blessed to have met her.”  Jessica, AZ

Inner Journey: Guided light hypnosis journey to your sacred garden where you meet one of your guides and view/visit past lives, other aspects of your multi-dimensional Self, your place of origin, or Oneness/Source itself. This journey will show you and take you where you need to go for your highest good at this time. It is always fascinating! Transcript will be sent to you via email, so you will be able to revisit the journey and continue to glean meaning.

“Thank you Jewels! It was an amazing experience and will echo for a long time.” J.H., FL

“This is the most incredible experience I have ever had in my life!” Toni, AK

“Jewels, that session was so amazing! It was vivid and clear and magical! Thank you. I love reading the transcript.  There were many nuances I had forgotten. Thank you for your caring attention to all the details and to my soul’s revelations. This is an inner journey I would recommend to anyone who wants to see and to know. It is like a multi-dimensional mirror.  I feel so Blessed to know you, Jewels, and to experience your Divine Work.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Christie W., AZ

Contact Jewels to Reserve:

Individual, Couples, & Group Retreats also available. Contact Jewels to plan one!

“It was and is so very special. It is etched in my heart as well and keeps me smiling. (My husband) and I are enjoying a deeper love and connection and are so very grateful for your part in that.” M.B., Cape Cod

“I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to you for guiding me through the healing work we did while I was there with you. The experience in Sedona has really opened me up to this healing path and I’ve been practicing it not only alone, but with my kids and husband, as well. It has also opened me up to being more sensitive to the energy around me in general. I think I had been telling you that I have been getting very frustrated due to not having the type of connection with my late sister’s spirit/energy that I was hoping to. Just in the last few days I have felt her presence more than ever and this has been extremely comforting and fulfilling for me. Thank you for helping me prepare to be able to receive that energy and message!!!” M.V., CO

The New Earth is Arising!

IMG_5616Everyone and everything connected with Mother Earth is in an awesome process of transformation and ascension.  Ascension is the increase in frequency and vibration of every electron comprising life on this planet and all of creation.  We are each opening our hearts wider and deeper, feeling and seeing and hearing from the perspective of our immortal soul, and en-light-ening. Our creativity is being catapulted into visions of how to bring a New Earth into existence. We are all destined to co-create a sacred existence on our beautiful Mother Earth.
As has been said for many cycles of time, “The Teacher is Within”!  Each of us carries the wisdom, beauty, love and truth within our hearts and Knows that we are Here Now to Make a Difference – to be here for the great Turning of the Ages, and to Celebrate as we create a new reality that much better serves the holy beings that we are.

Omnipresent Creativity

To be human is to be creative. This is what humans ARE. We learn, grow and change every minute. We are hard-wired for self-confidence, boldness, openness, flexibility, curiosity, wonder, joy, and the desire to stretch, take risks, and explore the unknown.
Humans are intrinsically motivated to explore, discover, translate, express, make, and communicate. We have a natural urge to create, discover, learn, teach, and share. Every one of us, of every age and developmental stage, needs many and various opportunities to explore, experience ourselves, our relationships, Mother Earth, the world, and worlds beyond worlds.
Creativity is a process ~ a dynamic interplay of self conversing with Self, others, experience, nature, and culture. As children, we learn naturally through play and relationships, totally absorbed in the moment. The flow of creativity produces joy and feelings of being whole, of being fully, wholly present.
Creativity is natural – a force or power which channels itself through the many interests and passions of the individual. We each have an energetic signature that changes and grows through the varieties of experience and reflection and dreaming that shape our ever flowing unique design.
Creativity shows itself through enthusiasm and passion, risk-taking and absorption, novelty and adventure, complexity and curiosity, wonder, and joy. A dynamic synergy of creativity, self-esteem, and the freedom to be one’s authentic self create continual growth and new horizons of perception and expression.  Thus, life is fulfilling and delightful, naturally.
Creativity involves a variety of conditions:

  • Freedom to explore, question, and reflect 
  • Uninterrupted time 
  • Choices 
  • Relaxation ~
  • Self-confidence  
  • Honesty

Every Child Is Holy

Every Day Is Holy

Every Moment is Holy

Enjoy each Holy Child, 

Each Holy Day 

Each Holy Moment!

from Every Child is Holy, Jewels Maloney

Simple Healing Tools for Inner Peace & Happiness

The most important decision we can ever make is whether we believe we live in a friendly Universe.”  Albert Einstein

We all know tools, simple tools, to bring us in to inner peace, to soothe and love ourselves, and to connect with Spirit. This is a reminder to Use The Tools!

The most basic “tool” is our breath – slow, full, deep into the belly, letting the belly expand and then exhaling FULLY and, letting go, letting go….Enter into the sacred temple within your breath, your soul, and commune and connect deeply with Cosmic Consciousness.  Let is happen.  Let is unfold.  Honor the Divine within you and within All That Is, All Our Relations. Being outside with Mother Earth is the best way to breath and simply be.

Short meditation for inner peace – and thus, for World Peace: Look at the sun and feel Mother Earth with your feet.  Feel your love and light flowing out through your feet chakras into the Heart of Mother Earth and connect energetically from the heart with her.  Bring in sparkling  golden white light, or any other color that nourishes you in the moment, and let in flow, penetrate, and surround every chakra, every cell, atom, electron of your being – all energy fields for upliftment, inner peace, heart opening, rejuvenation, youthing, health, expansion, and enlightenment. I encourage you to talk to your cells, atoms, electrons, and all the vast space in between the electrons saying, “We are regenerating, healing, rejuvenating. Thank you for spinning at the highest frequency for my highest good right now.”

Always simply ASK (the Universe, God, the Divine Mother, your own I AM Presence) for the Highest Good to come forth for yourself, and for any person connected with you, and that it come forth Now WITH DIVINE GRACE AND EASE.  We can heal and change gently, lovingly, being loving to ourselves. Prayer, intention, and invocation Works!

Then, it is a matter of letting go of and releasing all the woundings, traumas, and self-judgement held in the cellular memory and subconscious, to make way for the Highest Good, to really feel and know that you deserve it, that you are worthy.  We are NOT guilty.  We do NOT need to be punished.  We are innocent, open, vivid, loving creators full of peace, laughter, and compassion. We must allow ourselves to grow, change, heal, be happy. We need to actively Choose what we want to experience – this is where our power of choice and our power of creation is.

The Violet Flame of Transmutation is a spiritual tool to release, clear, and transmute any and all energies, cords, and lower frequency energies from all of your energy fields – physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual energy bodies.  It is a purifying and clarifying Flame. So, imagine a beautiful violet flame, violet fire flowing through you, or see yourself stepping in to it, and just ask the Angels of the Violet Flame to assist in clearing and transmuting any old energies that are no longer for your highest good.  When that feels complete, bring in Golden-White Light of the Most High places to fill every cell, atom and electron of your being, and BREATHE!

Emptiness is the Void from which All Comes Forth.  Emptiness is the space before the next creation, the next “you”.  Emptiness is rich with silence, with awareness, with…no-thing, just Be.   We need not fear the feelings of emptiness, the void, or stillness. They are the trough before the next wave of creative activity. Blessings to ONE and All!